Saturday, June 18, 2005

Day 9

Star Wars & Dukes of Hazzard - Kate and I finally went to see Star Wars. It was AWESOME!!! It doesn’t happen very often but this movie truly met all of my expectations. Our only disappointment was learning that the powers-that-be were now playing the movie on a smaller screen. The new Batman flick came out this week and took the place of Star Wars in the theater with Dolby surround sound and stadium seating. That's fair I guess. The HAMPTON THEATER SUCKS!! Anyway, the action scenes were incredible, the cinematography was awesome, and I was left with the feeling that this movie truly brought the whole series of six movies together. (In a totally unrelated question) Do you think the Emperor and Skeletor are friends, or maybe brothers? I think so. I can see the resemblance. Maybe they are cousins.

Is anybody else pissed about this new Dukes of Hazzard movie? Have you seen the previews? I saw the preview for this movie before Star Wars. I was pretty bummed about the selection for the entire cast. Johnny Knoxville is Luke, Seann William Scott is Bo, Burt Reynolds is Boss Hogg (AHHHHHHH, I’m getting angrier the more I think about all of this, come on…Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogf, are you kidding me?), Willie Nelson is Uncle Jesse, and Jessica Simpson is Daisy Duke. I knew they had cast Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson, but I just learned the rest. I grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard and we had many great adventures together, and for some reason I was expecting more from this than what we are getting. I guess when I heard that Willie Nelson and Jessica Simpson were cast I should have guessed that I would initially be disappointed. I’m not sure exactly what I expected. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I see the movie to truly be able to judge it…maybe it will be good. Who knows?

See ya.

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