Saturday, June 11, 2005

Day 6

Regionals - Today was Kayla's last softball game. Kate and I sat thru approximately twenty-eight innings of softball today in the worst heat of the year so far, all to support Kayla and her team. I have never seen a team play such good ball!! Her team gave their all and unfortunately lost their bid for the regional title today. They are still Valley champs though. Congratulations Warriors, and congratulations Kayla. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments! We can’t wait to see you kick some ass next year at SVSU.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First Rose of the Year

This is Rita's first rose of the year. Katie and I inherited this rose plant from my Memie, Rita. We named it for her. She makes beautiful flowers.

Look Up

Our backyard tree.

Chicks & Hens

Chicks & Hens in Pepe's Boot

Clemaits - White

From Mom Keyes' garden.

Clematis - Purple

Day 5

DSL Returns!! Things tend to work a lot better when you pay your bills! We finally got the DSL taken care of and now it’s back to business as usual. I never would have guessed how detrimental the loss of internet service could be. Without the internet connection I was unable to receive any of my podcasts, check the news, and lost a line of communication that has (evidently) become imperative in my day to day life. Since I didn’t have access to any of my podcasts, I feel like I have no idea what’s happening in the Tech world. I’m left with questions such as: has Apple released iTunes 4.9?, is there a new version of iPodder, what’s new at Geek News Central?, what is Todd Cochrane up to?, and how is his book Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide selling?, have Adam Curry and Dave Winer been bickering back-and-forth, have Dawn and Drew done any new podcasts recently?...etc. When I got home from work I opened iPodder and tried to download the latest podcasts, and for some reason the program couldn’t retrieve any enclosures. This is the second time that this has happened to me. The first time it happened was because of some corrupt file associated with a podcast called the Source Code Mini (at least that’s what I was left to assume because when I deleted it from my subscriptions all my problems disappeared). So, I did some investigating and found that this time iPodder was having problems with Slacker Astronomy. I deleted that podcast from my subscriptions and everything seems to be working fine now.

Today on Podcasting News I read that National Public Radio (NPR) is interested in some feedback from listeners about podcasting. I have been a loyal listener of NPR for about 10 years now. Ever since I found podcasting I have almost completely stopped listening to broadcast radio. I decided that I had to let NPR know that I think that they should truly consider offering more, if not all of their programming in podcast format. I look forward to the day that I can sit at my desk and listen to All Things Considered, or Fresh Air on my iPod.

Check out the pics from this weekend (below).

See ya.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


My tattoo. This picture will be used in a project I am working on with Bryan.


I really like how rustic this picutre looks. This is Harvey & Melody's garage.


Look! a Bee!

Along for the Ride

Look! a Caterpillar!

Harv and Mel have so many beautiful flowers in their garden.

From Mom Collins' garden.

Back Seat Driver

A totally different perspective.

How much is that doggy hanging out of the window?

We took Webber to Grandpa's. Katie took this of him hanging his head out of the window on the way there.

Stormy Sunday

We had a major storm come thru the city. It uprooted large trees, cars were smashed, branches littered the ground, and utilites were out for hundreds of houses. This was taken from my backyard just minutes before it started to hail and rain like hell.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Day 4

Pay the bills, Damnit!! I decided a couple of days age that I want to quit being an adult. I used to be excited when the mail was delivered, but not anymore. It's always bills, bills, bills....or junk mail. We didn't pay the DSL bill on time this month and they disabled our service until the payment is received in their system. I'm completely lost without internet access. Isn't that pathetic? Untill the DSL is turned back on there will be no pics to post. I'll just post a bunch when I have access again.
I shaved my head yesterday. Summer will be much cooler!