Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm SO Proud!

I am SO PROUD of my sister today! I just found out that she has decided to send my nieces to one of the best schools in town. Because of this incredible decision, the girls will receive a wonderful education with individualized attention. I am so incredibly happy about this, and I am so excited for the girls. WHAT A GREAT DECISION!!!

See ya.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The iPod Lives On

Due to the overwhelming response to my last post (yes, that is cynicism!) I caved and contacted HP to get my iPod up and running again. I was convinced that there was something wrong with the hardware of the iPod but I was wrong. Like I said, I contacted HP (I have the Apple iPod by Hp) and spoke with a Canadian guy named Louis. Louis reminded me that the iPod uses USB 2.0 and instructed me on how to figure out if my computer was even equipped with USB 2.0. After some minor remodeling of the configuration of USB cables in the back of my computer, the iPod started loading faster than it ever had before. Louis also informed me that this is the biggest troubleshooting issue they have with the iPod. Louis was very friendly and knowledgeable...I thanked him again and again. I was lost without my iPod, but now I am found. Thank you Louis!

I decided today that I am getting pretty bored with the layout of my blog. I have begun looking at other blogger's blogs in order to get some new ideas. There is some pretty cool shit out there. Stay tuned...

See ya.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

iPod Down, iPod Down

Is there a doctor in the house? An iPod doctor? My iPod is broken and I am lost without it. I have done everything I can think of to get it up and running again with no success. I have restored it, restarted it, reformatted it, completely removed iTunes and the iPod software from my hard drive and reinstalled it...etc. If you are reading this and have some suggestions please send me an email or leave a comment. The only thing I have left to try is to call Apple and probably send it to them for warranty repairs. I don't want to do that. I'm worried if I do that they'll just send me a refurbished one which will just lead to more and more problems. Please, if you know anything else I can try, let me know! Thank you for your help...if you are out there.

See ya.