Thursday, November 17, 2005

iPod Disconnected...again... UPDATE

As I am sure that you all guessed, HP pretty much refused to do anything for me except exchange my iPod again. I called, and called, and finally I spoke to a thrid level manager in the iPod department and he repeatedly told me that all he could do was send me a replacement. What he did do was give me his personal telephone number, directly to his desk, to call if I have any more problems. With this number I can bypass tech support and go straight to the top. Hopefully there will be no more problems.

I recieved the shipping box from HP today and sent the iPod back via FedEx. I can't wait 'till my new one gets here!!!

You'll see some new things on the sidebar. I'm testing out So far it's pretty cool. I heard about it a while ago. It wasn't untill this week that I found it might be beneficial to have access to all of my bookmarks while away from my home computer. I also have added an auto subscribe button for Newsgator.

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