Monday, December 18, 2006


Thanks to lifehacker's post this weekend, I have rediscovered Pandora. Pandora is:
"a music discovery service designed to help you find and enjoy music that you'll love. It's powered by the Music Genome Project, the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken. Just tell us one of your favorite songs or artists and we'll launch a streaming station to explore that part of the music universe."
I set up a free account with Pandora quite some time long ago that I actually forgot about it. For the music lover out there, I highly recommend that you go set up an account now! It's like having best friend with an awesome musical taste. You set up a "station" and Pandora automatically begins playing music that has similar characteristics. All I can say is, Pandora is AWESOME! I have used Pandora all day and I have found so many great bands that I didn't even know existed. Look out iTunes, here I come...!

Check out my Pandora profile here. If you take a look, leave me a comment!

See ya.

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