Friday, October 14, 2005

iPod Update...

I'm sure you'll understand why I haven't posted an update to "My iPod is Home." I've been too busy listening to about 100 podcasts that I missed while the iPod was down. So here's the update: After finding out that the iPod had arrived over at my parent’s house, I left work and drove as fast as possible to their house. I was so excited when I finally arrived at my parents and saw the box on the kitchen table. I immediately opened the box and was even more excited when (this is the point where you can pretend that in the background, when I finally open the box and see the iPod, a chorus of angels begins to sing and the iPod magically floats out of the box. As it floats out of the box there is a heavenly glow around it, the glow begins to appear larger and larger as the iPod starts to float to my hand until it finally rests in my grasp...) I removed the packing material to find that they had actually shipped me a brand new iPod. The case and screen had no scratches or finger prints and it looked just like my original iPod did the first day I got it. I want you to know that even though I was excited to see a new iPod I was still a little skeptical. I was just a little worried that when I plugged it into my computer I would find that this iPod was also corrupted. I am very happy to say that that was not the case. Anyway, after seeing that I actually had a new iPod, I showed it to my parents. They had never seen an iPod and they were both pretty interested. I answered all of their questions and showed my Mom how to work it.

The Update

When I got home I immediately went to my computer and plugged the iPod in. Again, I didn't have high hopes that everything would work. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the iPod Updater pop-up on my screen. I updated the software, plugged in to the power source for a reflash, and then plugged back in to my computer to add all of my music. At the time of the update I had 2045 music/mp3 files in iTunes. I began the update at 8:03pm and amazingly my iPod was completely updated by 8:49pm. I disconnected it from the computer and did a test listen to some random songs and podcasts just to see if there was any skipping. Everything worked fine and the rest is history. I have had my earbuds in my ears for the most of the last 4 days, and I have loved every minute. I missed a lot in the podcasting world and I have been very eager to get caught up.

I am thinking of adding a list of my top ten favorite podcasts to the sidebar of my blog. Many of my friends have been asking me questions of which podcast I would recommend. The best I can do is to tell them which podcasts are my favorites, tell them about podcast alley, and let have them take a listen. We'll see what happens.

See ya.

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