Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day 10

Summer ShoesQ: Do you know what I love the most about summer? A: Not having to wear socks, and having the opportunity to wear my favorite shoes (or non-shoes if you prefer) – sandals and flip-flops. Now you might say that I could wear sandals or flip-flops all year long if I wanted. Well, that’s true, but I live in Michigan where we get lots of snow, sleet, and ice on my toes doesn’t appeal to me. Back to the non-shoes… My favorites are my Teva Mush flip-flops and my Chaco Z/1 sandals.

Teva Mush #6108 – I discovered these little pieces of heaven about 3 years ago. These flip-flops are part of Teva's Sun & Moon series and come with many different patterns of nylon thong webbing. The Mush have a foot bed made from this awesome foam material called Durapontex®. Upon trying on these flip-flops for the first time, they feel a bit hard on your foot. The key here is to walk around in them for a couple of minutes. While you are “test driving” them, you will feel them begin to soften and mold to your feet. Now just imagine how they would feel after wearing them for a day or two… like a little piece of heaven! They are so soft and comfortable. They only weigh 3.7oz!! It’s like having a pillow under each foot. Last year on our honeymoon Katie and I both wore our Teva’s on our cruise. We did plenty of walking especially in Cozumel. We walked many miles and our feet were never in any pain. The only complaint I have about them is that they don’t last long enough. When I wear a shoe, I wear it hard. I wear my Teva’s so often that I wear out all of the cushion in the heel and my feet begin to hurt. Fortunately, they only cost about $20.00 so I usually end up with two pair at the end of the summer.

Chaco Z/1's – these are truly rugged sandals. They have many great features which include:
  • Colorado Vibram sole - good in wet conditions, self cleaning, and because it's Vibram, it's totally resoleable.
  • Polyester webbing - Chaco claims that this type of webbing dries faster than nylon (I have to agree, they dry extremely fast) and maintains fit in all conditions.
  • Sculpted Heel Riser - provides awesome heel support and keeps your foot from sliding from side to side.
  • Chaco Biocentric Footbed - this molded poly urethane footbed gives me all day comfort and Chaco claims that it also prevents over pronation. Being that the footbed is poly urethane, it's not the greatest if you have sweaty feet. Fortunately, these sandals are easily washed and quick to dry.
  • Pull-thru Strap System - this one strap flows over and under the footbed for complete adjustability and the perfect fit. No Velcro! The one strap system keeps the sandal with your foot no matter what activity you are doing.
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) - this means that these sandals are great for your feet and are recommended by Podiatrists and promote good foot health. This seal means that these sandals had to meet very strict scientific guidelines to prove that they are good for your feet.
I purchased my Chaco's last summer late in the season from Nordic Sports. (Note: If you go there talk to Gary. He is the owner and is very knowledgeable!! He turned us on to these awesome Chaco's, some great Teva River shoes, and turned us on to Tuttle Marsh for some awesome birding!) Since it was late in the season I got a great deal, and I have to say, they are worth every penny that I payed! I didn’t get a chance to wear them much last summer due to the lateness of my purchase, but this summer I have worn them almost every day. What I like about my Chaco’s is the ruggedness of the outsole and the foot bed. No matter how long I wear them I have constant support in my arch and heel. The Teva’s are good for part-of-the-day wear, my Chaco’s are good for all day wear whether I am walking or running, at work or at play.

See ya.

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